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All our poruducts need to pass 5 production control and the final control before it came to the hands of the end customer--dentists.

After we got the impressions/models/digtal files. First quality check starts, we will check if everything is correct and sufficient.

After making the model, we will check if model is good to make a work on top.

After designing the work, we will check if the disign fits and if all requirements were meet.

After grinding out or pressing out an actual work, we will check if the grinding is adequate enough, make sure no deform or poor fit.

After putting on porcelain or processing the surface, we will check if the color is right, shape is nice.

After polishing the work, we will check if the work is overall good and shiny.

During packing, a final control is carried out, to see if everything dentist needed is packed, if the products is correct in every aspect. If everything is fine, a warranty card is given to each work, means we will be responsible for the quality in the next one year at least!


  • China Trushine Dental Lab certification

    Standard:quality management system for medical device


    Issue Date:2017-06-16

    Expiry Date:2021-06-17

    Scope/Range:medical device company

    Issued By:Beijing Huaguang certification of medical device Co.,ltd.

  • China Trushine Dental Lab certification



    Issue Date:2017-06-15

    Expiry Date:2021-06-16


    Issued By:北京国医械华光认证有限公司

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