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Zirconia Dental Crown & EMAX Dental Crown

Chengdu Trushine Dental lab is located in Longhu Road, Southwest Airport Zone, Chengdu, China. Since our foundation in 2004, we set our aim on "Quality Product, Quality Service". We cooperate with several well-known oral ...
We have 3 production lines focusing on different products. We have the most advanced dental equipments, tools and we use modern materials. Now we have several 3D printing machines, several zirconia milling machines, ...
All our poruducts need to pass 5 production control and the final control before it came to the hands of the end customer--dentists. After we got the impressions/models/digtal files. First quality check starts, we will ...
Address : 8# Longhu Road, Southwest Airport Industrial Zone, Chengdu, China
Business Phone :
86-28-85713876(Working time)
Fax : 86-28-85742321